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Your Stories

As an organization we find it in our best interest that it is important to share with you stories that have impacted your lives through the services we give you. We therefore want to share the joy that we feel when you appreciate us. We had the privilege of starting and completing the Tusome project,which has been one of our projects since last year and we bring you success stories from it.

Eugene’s Success story

This is the story of Eugene as told by the mother who is as humble as a pie yet you’d want to listen to her the whole day as she talks about the son and how the tusome project impacted his education. It had been a minute since I had listened to a calm humble woman speak and the story is still so fresh in my brain like so…

Eugene Owino Mduda, son to Margaret Atieno both reside in Nairobi’s Ngomongo area. He studies at a school called Starlight Primary School where he started his education in baby class at the age of three. As we talk about him right now he is ten years old and in class four. The mother talks about Eugene as a brave, courageous, social ,outgoing and outspoken boy which made sense to me as they had to truly complement each other at some point(yes…really).

Starting out in school for Eugene was not easy and so kindergarten for him was not a smooth sailing. He had a hard time connecting the dots, trying to read and write his own name which most children are taught at this level. The mother was really concerned and it is at this point that teachers tell you not to worry because he is just starting out and he will eventually improve. Fast forward to class one and mother luck happened. Tusome project was just been introduced into the school and been implemented from class one to three. Let’s just call him one of the beneficiaries.

Tusome project is an initiative made by RTI (Research Triangle International) together with WERK (Women Educational Researchers Kenya).It was launched by his Excellency the president in 2015 and is aimed at improving reading skills for Kenyan children. Since its existence there has been tremendous improvement in reading skills (both English and Kiswahili) of children in more than 23,500 schools. Tusome teachers are trained how to teach children with special needs and develop learning materials for regular students.

The tusome teachers who have been specially trained on how to teach children how to read and write helped Eugene’s performance improve in a great way. With enough practice on a daily basis he was able to read and write his own name by the end of first term in that class. His mother remembers having heard him in the house one day read out loud to his siblings and she could not wait to thank the teachers the following day. This gave her so much joy and hope and she says she now often interacts with the teachers a lot just to keep tabs of his progress.

He is in the top five of his class and his best subjects are Mathematics, English and Kiswahili. He maintains a good relationship with his teachers too. The mother says even though things are tough on her side as she tries to fend for the family of six children, she prays every day that all will be well and that Eugene will finish his primary and secondary education. At the same time she wouldn’t mind any assistance given to her towards her children’s education.

It will be unfair not to mention that Eugene is a talented footballer and boxer! Yes, that shocked me too because these are two tough talents and he handles them pretty well. Well, am hoping that from him rises the next Victor Wanyama or Mohammed Ali. Ooh and when he grows up he wants to be a doctor too…haha I can’t seem to have enough him.

Margaret would like to thank tusome in a special way for going out of their way to equip teachers with the knowledge to train children and facilitating the school with books, stationery and reading materials for free for education purposes.