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Health and Livelihoods

Under our Health and Governance program,we had the pleasure of handling the Nilinde project.

Having been trained on Case Management recently, YIKE Nilinde staff were tasked to cascade the training to other staff and later Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), case management is a model that ultimately focuses on ensuring that children and households achieve a state of wellbeing through various interventions that are child focused and family centered. CHV’s training on the same is scheduled for 16th-18th May and immediately thereafter they will begin visiting Households (HHs) to prepare case plans for them Monthly support group meetings were held for caregivers and CLHIVs. We noted improved attendance in CLHIV support group from 19 to 36, comparing with previous meeting owing to the fact that schools were closed and children who are usually in boarding schools were now available. Caregivers support group was attended by 70 caregivers, a guest speaker from Childline Kenya trained the caregivers on social protection, succession planning that aims to cushion children in case of eventualities that might be unfavorable for the children. Monthly Quality improvement (QIT) meeting was held at NOFI site running concurrently with Least Vulnerable caregivers training on Life skills and resource management; the QI team took advantage of the opportunity to group the caregivers in to common interest groups so as to give interventions in those groups. Youth Saving and Loaning Association (YSLA) training was held at Njiru church of God for 32 youth who are over 18 years and out of school, the training on YSLA methodologies is meant to nurture the youth as they transition from Nilinde project. From the training the youth formed two YSLA groups were they have started saving.

Nilinde is a five year project funded by USAID through a consortium of partners led by PLAN in partnership with AMURT, Child line and mothers to mothers (M2M). The Nilinde project aims to improve the welfare and protection of the most vulnerable households affected by HIV/AIDS by increasing resiliency and empowering parents and caregivers to make investments that will improve the health and well-being of Orphans and vulnerable children.
YIKE is implementing the NILINDE project in Njiru Mihango and Matopeni wards targeting 1500 OVC. This Month Nilinde project team has implemented various
activities towards achieving the above objectives;

Output 1: Increased access to health and social services for OVC and their families.
Adolescent peer to peer quarterly sensitization forum
• The session was attended by 30(18M 12F) OVC from Njiru. They were reached with sexual and reproductive health messages


• Bursary was given for 265(131M, 134F)children in primary
and secondary schools.
Output 2: Capacity of households and community strengthened to protect and care for OVC HIV positive parenting practices .61(1M 60F) parents received information on positive parenting practice during the caregivers support group meeting
Output 3: Strengthened child welfare and protection systems at the national level, and improved structures and services for effective responses in targeted counties and sub-counties.

Nilinde team giving a speech during a seminar in Mathare