Youth Initiatives-Kenya (YIKE) is a non-profit organization registered in July 2003 at the Kenyan Non Governmental Organization (NGO) bureau. It was started as an initiative after realization of the significance of youth groups in the development of the society (this was from an academic research by the founders of YIKE on the ‘Role of youth groups in Development of their communities’). From observation and experience it was realized that youth groups based in slums, have potential but are limited by the socioeconomic environment they reside in therefore needed skills, resources and mentorship to prosper.

YIKE aims at assisting marginalized and disenfranchised youth, through youth groups, to help them create and sustain income generating activities, lead a healthy life, access the benefits of ICT and have a better understanding of their rights as citizens. Hitherto, YIKE has worked with 84 Youth groups in the slums/informal settlements all over Nairobi.

To encourage and strengthen collective social, economic, cultural, environmental and technological initiatives developed by youth in urban informal settlements and rural areas.

A society in which the youth are able to facilitate their own development.


  • To enhance knowledge, skills and opportunities for youth.
  • To engage in lobbying and advocacy on issues affecting youth.
  • To mobilize resources for target youth.


  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Responsibility
  • Inclusiveness
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability

•    YIKE began as a project out of research Pamela Wesonga was carrying out on Youth Groups in Mathare slums.
•    Four Youth Groups make Pamela their patron to further their activities.
•    Nynke Nauta met with Pamela and they began working together in a project called Maendeleo Mabatini.
•    YIKE was registered in July as an NGO.
•    Training needs were identified such as team building, leadership, financial management and networking for the four youth groups.
•    Jacinta Atieno joined the organization.
•    Uptoyoutoo Foundation funded YIKE.
•    YIKE started a music program – ‘Kilio Cha Haki’ (for artists).
•    Started training programs for the youth groups.
•    YIKE works with 8 groups.
•    YIKE moves to its current location, Sanoda House.
•    Antony Gatonga Joins YIKE.
•    Youth Groups increase to 18.
•    YIKE became a 1 stop youth resource centre and even gave training to the other groups which were not part of YIKE training curriculum.
•    Goal Kenya joined as partner.
•    Youth Groups increase to 26.
•    YIKE holds first Community Event.
•    YIKE Organizes and hosted Pan Africa Youth forum for the World Social Forum which was taking place in  Nairobi.
•    Introduction of the 3 year phase for working and supporting youth groups.
•    Youth Groups increase to 36.
•    Youth Resource Center and Library started with partnership from Accenture foundation and Nairobits.
•    Oxfam NoVib and Peace net joined YIKE as partners.
•    Youth Desk project offering loans started.
•    Added Peace Building to the offering for the youth groups due to the Post Election Violence.
•    Youth Groups increase to 46.
•    Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Netherlands) partners with YIKE for two years.
•    Art Venture Foundation (Singapore) also joined as a supporting partner for Arts projects.
•    Citi Foundation becomes YIKE partner funding the Youth Desk Project.
•    Youth Groups increase to 56.
•    Child at Venture partners with YIKE
•    YIKE begins the Global Fund project (Behavior Change Program targeting youth as means to prevent new HIV infections).
•    Youth Groups increase to 64.
•    Business Challenge projects begins supported by Child at Venture.
•    Gender Responsive Budgeting Research project targeting Secondary School Bursary fund initiated by YIKE targeting three constituencies: Starehe, Kasarani and Embakasi (supported by UN Women).
•    Pamela Leaves YIKE.
•    Youth Groups increase to 72
•    Plastic Recycling Project Starts; supported by Oxfam
•    Girls Empowerment through Micro-Franchising project starts. (Supported by Intnernational Rescue Committee).
•    UN Women funds the Governance Project aimed at working with the youth to support women candidates in the 2013 elections.
•    KCDF, Kenya Community Development Foundation partners with YIKE.
•    YIKE currently working with the 84th youth group since its inception.
•    Over 700 students have graduated from the Resource Center ICT class since its inception in      2007.
•    GEM project has reached 709 girls.
•    140 loans amounting to KES. 3.8 Million Disbursed (reaching a total of over 300 youth).
•    22,741 youth and 1,110 adults reached by the Behavior Change project.
•    YIKE has 23 permanent staff, 1 Intern and 1 Volunteer.
•    YIKE celebrates 10th Year Anniversary.