Gender, Governance & Child Protection

The projects under this program will basically focus on the following areas

Women for leadership in Political Parties for Enhance Decision Making and Good Governance: The project main aim is to increase the number of women leaders in major positions in political parties to enable them be part of decision making team. The project will assist women and youth to acquire party membership cards, form and strengthen women movements to enable them participate in party elections, ensure both groups are aware of party philosophy, manifestos, election dates and timetable, ensure close working relations with the youth to support non violence and peaceful campaigns, during party elections/nominations at ward level. The three constituencies selected are (Ruaraka, Mathare and Embakasi North.) The selection criteria was through the number of wards in the three constituency, active women networks from different political parties and youth population who can give women required support during political parties elections. Finally, it will be easy as the three constituencies boarder each other therefore, synergy will be key during the entire project period and the women leaders will have easy time to learn from each other challenges and success.

Child Protection, Education and Awareness: This is a project which seeks to raise awareness on the issue of Child Rights, Education and Child Protection Awareness targeting primary school children, teachers, parents, religious leaders, youth and other actors in the community. This project is working with eight schools in Korogocho area. YIKE chose to implement this project since its majority of its target beneficiaries have children. The program is using sports activities, songs, and drama for children sensitization. For target adults participants there are various awareness and information sessions targeting them also.

Community Events and Dialogues: Here, community sensitization events are carried out which mainly focus on themes such as the effect of small arms in the community, HIV/AIDS awareness and Youth Issues such as unemployment, crime etc. The main aim of these community events is to sensitize the community on the positive aspects that youth initiatives can create as well as give the youth an opportunity to market themselves to the community as a force advocating for change in these issues. Dialogues are opportunities in which youth voices are expressed in regards to issues which the youth face every day. Every year YIKE holds four dialogues in which the youth select issues they want to dialogue in with relevant experts, government agencies and local leaders. Every year YIKE commemorates the following events: International Week of Action Against Small Arms (June), International Youth Day (August) and World AIDS Day (December).

Contact Person: Lona Makokha

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