As a result of the success of last year’s (2014) WASH project, Goal Kenya extended our partnership in the WASH project to cover 2015. The WASH project involves construction of WASH facilities (Water Points and Toilets) in schools and communities in the informal settlements of Mukuru, Dandora and Korogocho. This year the project has identified four schools (3 in Mukuru-Jovial Academy, Reuben Vision Academy and Tina’s Children Center) and (1 in Korogocho – Church Road Academy) who will benefit from being connected to water from the main NWSC pipe as well as having a 10,000 litres water storage tank installed in their schools. The main objective of the WASH project is to “To enhance and increase community access to and quality of water, sanitation and Hygiene through construction and rehabilitation of water points and systems in schools and ensure water quality testing”


At YIKE we strongly believe in enhancing the quality of life for people residing in informal settlements and we take pride in being associated with projects that directly improves the quality of lives for our school going children. The WASH project is currently ongoing with construction almost complete in Jovial Academy. The remaining works in the other three schools should be complete by end of the third quarter i.e. September 2015. At completion the WASH project will improve the general hygiene of over 2000 pupils


This being our second year implementing the WASH project we are learning a lot and we welcome WASH experts, Organizations implementing WASH projects and donors interested in WASH projects to partner with us in this project in whichever way both for our mutual benefit and also for the benefit of our end users – the children and communities living in informal settlements of Nairobi.

Jovial Community Educational Center one of the 2015 WASH beneficiaries.

WARMA officials conducting water purity test at Church Road Academy-one of the 2015 WASH beneficiaries.


This is a project that targets young children in and out of school with a view to buildin their capacity to make informed choices about their future and in so doing, help mitigate the impacts of drugs use, early pregnancies and STI/HIVAIDS amongst adolescent youth in the informal settlements of Mukuru, Dandora and Korogocho.

The project involves carrying out peer sessions in the schools and youth groups in the aforementioned areas where youth peer educators from the same areas facilitate the Healthy Choices I and Healthy Choices II trainings touching on topics like: STI & HIV, Early Pregnancies, Drugs and Substance Abuse, Career Choices, Abstinence and Positive Living.

The project which commenced in March is targeting to reach over 3600 youth directly and over 5000 indirectly with the message of Healthy Choices for a better future. The future of this country in the next 10-15 years will be determined with the current adolescent youth and through this programme YIKE hopes to shape Kenya’s destiny to be one that is driven by hope and young people who are disciplined and are conscious of the positive and negative consequences of their actions.

HC II session in Mukuru


Nilinde is 5 years USAID funded project targeting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and their households awarded to Plan International and is being implemented in six counties namely; Nairobi, Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi, Taita Taveta and Lamu. The project implementation is led by Plan International in collaboration with three consortium partners namely; Anada Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT), Childline Kenya and Mothers2Mothers.The purpose of Nilinde project is to improve welfare and protection of children affected by HIV/AIDS. Activities include building capacity of households to provide for children under their care; strengthen social systems and structures to improve support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). In Nairobi County, Youth Initiatives Kenya is one of the service delivery partners, working closely with Plan International to provide services to 1,500 orphans and vulnerable children in three wards namely; Matopeni, Mihang'o and Njiru wards within Njiru Sub County.

The project targets OVC who are less than 18 years, both in school and out of school children. Children in school are reached through their households and school management committees and supported to get proper HIV/AIDS and health services and monitoring is done through schools. The out of school children are reached through their caregivers and are supported to go back to school. The project also links OVC and youth to age appropriate services through community health volunteers, county health networks and social safety nets. In this project, YIKE is also working with caregivers to strengthen their economic resilience through income generating activities, linking them to available apprenticeships and to Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs). This will enable them improve their livelihoods and be in a position to take care of vulnerable children. Adolescent OVCs who are not in school are supported to transit by linking them to livelihood activities such as small business management and apprenticeship trainings.

Planned activities and achievements so far in the Nilinde project since the launch of the project


           Planned Activities Achieved
1 Validation of beneficiary list with key stakeholders Validation is on progress to be completed by October 2016.

Forum to train CHV on case management strategy and approaches in delivering better services to OVCs.

Forum was held and was attended by 24 CHVs from the 3 wards and 3 YIKE staff. The session was facilitated by the Sub County children officer.

Support and facilitate 750 OVC to obtain birth certificates.

The exercise is on-going and already 115 complete forms are at the CRD awaiting birth certificates.


Link 500 OVCs and caregivers with Health facilities for HIV/AIDS services.

HTC event was done in Matopeni ward targeting 200 OVC and their caregivers but YIKE reached 121 OVCs and caregivers.

5 Convene 2 family days for OVC and caregivers to share and disseminate health information and offer health services like counseling and testing and referrals.

One family day was held in Matopeni ward for 120 OVCs and care givers


Develop and disseminate IEC materials (roll up stands and Posters)

Roll up stands have already been procured and 1000 posters with messaging on birth registration were produced.

Procure school uniforms and scholastic materials for 265 OVC on a needs basis.

This activity is planned for October. YIKE is currently mobilizing the needy OVCs through CHVs

Support 5 school management committees (public and non-formal) to develop school improvement plans (SIPs) that will address issues affecting the 500 OVCs in their schools and ensure activities supporting OVC are mainstreamed in all school programs.

This is also planned for October working closely with Education officers


Coordinate mentoring of 100 care givers in entrepreneurship and small business management.

This activity is also planned for next month (October) the training will be facilitated by LCHVs who have already been trained on Entrepreneurship and small business management (ESBM) by Plan International