Information Communication & Technology

Information Communication Technology
The projects under this will include the following;

4.1    Resource Centre (Library, cyber café, games)
Offers recreational and edu-tainment facilities to youth and the community. The cyber cafe offers internet and typesetting services to the youth and community. YIKE registered groups browse for 20 minutes free every day. The normal charges for the cyber are 50cts per minute.

4.2    ICT Training
The ICT training is done in partnership with Nairobits. The E-Learning training is open to youth in the community who are not under YIKE program. The training takes two months after which the students are awarded certificates upon graduation. Over 1500 students have graduated from the Resource Center ICT class since its inception in 2007. In the beginning of the year 2013 there was slight change of ICT Curriculum thus we reduced the number of students from 30 to 20. The students pay a commitment fee of Ksh, 2000 for the 10 weeks course, there after they are awarded with Certificates and a graduation Ceremony for the completion of the ICT course.


4.4    Communication/Branding
This is very important for the successful working of an organization. It is required at various levels and aspects in an organization both internally and externally. Communication ensures proper dissemination of information through our website, newsletters and also branding to create an identity for our organization.

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