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Our Programs

YIKE works in 4 Youth focused Programmatic Areas:


This is a department which helps the community by; Promoting youth socio-economic  of Youth empowered Improved self-development, empowerment through micro franchising and socio-economic livelihood of Youth

  • YIKE Provides livelihoods training in soft and hard skills, entrepreneurship, and provides financial products such as loans and savings plans for youth.
  • Promoting youth economic livelihood  of training Youth in Improved revenue from youth through business start-up trainings business start- ups lead businesses and livelihoods and entrepreneurship.
  • Building youth entrepreneurship skills  of Youth who successfully Sustainable business being run through business incubation programs finished incubation programs by Youth enhanced.


  • Health and child protection are programming interventions that are designed to respond to health challenges that youth and the community perennially face that significantly affect their livelihood. Under this programming areas, we seek to intervene in the life of vulnerable children facing health challenges, youth, and women by ensuring they have access to care, treatment, psycho-social support, child protection, while at the same time, championing for health behaviour change within communities. This strategy also recognizes the important role care givers have in enhancing not only the socio-economic of children, but sustainable livelihoods of the community as a whole.

Key Strategies / Broad Interventions: To support vulnerable children access education, health services, psycho-social support and protection.

  1. To train youth in communities on sexual and reproductive health, water, sanitation and hygiene.

Governance & Advocacy

  • YIKE works with Youth Groups to build their capacity to communicate their voice clearly to government through advocacy work.
  • Training emerging youth leaders  and young women trained Increased number of women in (women) on leadership in devolved governance and leadership governance structures.
  • Capacity building of youth to effectively # Youth of youth participants Improved youth participation in engage in public participation in capacity building sessions devolved governance at county, sub county, and ward governance participate in peace building initiatives who successfully finished and livelihood of Youth, Women, at the county.

Education & Research

  • YIKE trains youth in ICT providing regular classes
  • YIKE conducts research on a wide variety of issues effecting youth including gender based education programs, and more.

YIKE provides opportunities for other organizations and individuals to partner with us and collect data, and research in the field with our teams. Past research has been conducted in partnership with UNICEF, University of Amsterdam, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and more.