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Transforming Lives.

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YIKE - Empowering the Future

YIKE is a youth-focused organization working towards a brighter future in Kenya.

Our Vision

A society with unlimited possibilities and transformative opportunities for youth, women and children.

Our Mission

To transform lives of youth, women, and children by engaging communities, state and non-state actors in sustainable socio-economic empowerment and livelihood; capacity building, governance, and advocacy.

focusing on urban informal settlements and rural areas.

Our Objectives

  1. Enhance knowledge, skills, and opportunities for youth.
  2. Advocate for youth rights and address issues affecting them.
  3. Mobilize resources to support targeted youth groups.
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Youth Initiatives Kenya (YIKE) is a non-profit organization established in 2003 that empowers marginalized and disenfranchised youth, women, and children in Kenya. We focus on equipping youth groups with the skills, resources, and mentorship they need to thrive. Our programs address social, economic, health, and educational challenges faced by these communities.

YIKE's programs target a range of beneficiaries: Youth groups: We work with youth groups in Nairobi's slums and other urban informal settlements, as well as rural areas. Young entrepreneurs: We offer training and support to young people who want to start or expand their businesses. Women and girls: We have programs that address gender inequality, promote women's rights, and empower girls through education and economic opportunities. Out-of-school youth: We provide access to education and skills training for youth who haven't completed their formal education.

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