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Youth Initiatives Kenya (YIKE) is a non-profit organization established in 2003 that empowers marginalized and disenfranchised youth, women, and children in Kenya. We focus on equipping youth groups with the skills, resources, and mentorship they need to thrive. Our programs address social, economic, health, and educational challenges faced by these communities.

YIKE's programs target a range of beneficiaries: Youth groups: We work with youth groups in Nairobi's slums and other urban informal settlements, as well as rural areas. Young entrepreneurs: We offer training and support to young people who want to start or expand their businesses. Women and girls: We have programs that address gender inequality, promote women's rights, and empower girls through education and economic opportunities. Out-of-school youth: We provide access to education and skills training for youth who haven't completed their formal education.

There are several ways you can get involved with YIKE: Volunteer your time and skills: We welcome volunteers to assist with various program activities, mentorship, or administrative tasks. Donate: Your financial contributions allow us to continue offering our programs and services to those in need. Spread awareness: Help us reach more people by sharing information about YIKE's work with your friends, family, and network. Partner with us: We are always open to collaborating with other organizations that share our mission of empowering youth and communities.

You can explore the "Programs" section on our website for detailed information about each initiative we offer. Each program page will explain its goals, target beneficiaries, and the activities involved. We also encourage you to contact us directly if you have any further questions about specific programs or how you can get involved.

YIKE has a strong track record of success. They've supported over 110 youth groups, graduated hundreds from ICT training programs, empowered hundreds of girls through micro-franchises, and disbursed loans to many young entrepreneurs. Additionally, they've engaged thousands of youth in various initiatives.

Specific qualifications vary depending on the program. Generally, YIKE targets youth residing in informal settlements or facing marginalization. Age ranges and specific needs may be considered for certain programs.

Yes, YIKE offers educational programs through their Youth Resource Center. One example is their ICT training program, which equips youth with valuable digital skills for better employment opportunities. They may also have other educational initiatives focused on financial literacy, business development, or life skills depending on current needs and resources.

Even without donating or volunteering directly, you can still be a valuable supporter! Here are some ways to help: Spread awareness: Share information about YIKE's work on social media or with your network. Organize fundraising events: Host a community event or online fundraiser to raise money for YIKE. Donate gently used items: If YIKE accepts donations of used books, clothes, or computer equipment in good condition, this can be another way to contribute resources. Advocate for change: Support policies that benefit marginalized youth and communities, aligning with YIKE's mission.


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